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About Handshakes &Birdies

Handshakes & Birdies goes Live

Handshakes and Birdies is now live.  We are pleased to be able to bring you stories about golf and life from our perspective.  

Handshakes & Birdies Apparel Store "Darryl's Den" coming soon

H&B will be opening our store (Darryl's Den) soon.  Stay tuned for special offers on one of a kind items.

Thanks for your support

We were once told by an "Influencer" that we were fake bloggers. I say whoa whoa whoa, what we have to say....the people want to hear, or read, or wear. All kidding aside, we are going to 100% post some hilarious stuff, and offer some sweet apparel for purchase. We have a friend who is super negative, he knows who he is. If in any way, we can make him laugh, and just be positve for 20 seconds while visiting this site...Our Job Here Is Done! (Hopefully Not)